A Day with Eva & Amelia


Amelia & I are both really sleepy morning people. Mornings are around 11am not 8am! I don’t talk before coffee… I wish I had one of those mugs you see on Instagram that say “ok to talk” with a measurement line at the bottom of the cup. Amelia has caught onto my habits and won’t wake up in the morning either! She loves to get the left over milk foam from my morning latte!

a day with eva and amelia's world

“Is my puppachino ready now?”

a day with eva and amelia's world

extra mik foam for Amelia!


I go crazy if I have to be at home during the day. We go out and grab another coffee say hi to some familiar faces and Amelia gets to have some extra attention! Then we head out to hyde park for a long walk! L’eto is our regular coffee shop and rather temptingly there is a Pierre Herme store right next to it!

Amelia loves Hyde Park – it’s the only place she pulls in excitement to go. Getting to play with the ball is the highlight of her day.  She is always totally knackered afterwards. We cross the busy junction outside Hyde Park in Knightsbridge by using the underground station as our tunnel, there is also a Starbucks in the station I usually get a (3rd) coffee (I really need to cut back!) ! We walk down Sloane Street to Kings Road until we are tired and head home!

ameliathecav with teddy maximus carrier in hyde park

Got some coffee & chocolates! Time for a nice long walk in Hyde Park!


Ball playing time & snacks too!

a day with eva and amelia's world

Too tired to move on the way out of Hyde Park


I like to be out during the day for brunch/lunch and maybe an early dinner. But our evenings are always spent at home watching something on Netflix or Popcorn Time. I must admit to keeping up with quite a few shows, not so much movies. I’m pondering on a favourite show and I really don’t have one. I think so many of them are fantastic The Good Wife, Downton Abbey, Suits, Silicon Valley, Entourage, Billions, Homeland, Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother – even in the Netflix Original Series you have The Crown, House of Cards… I mean really it’s endless.  We recently got some dog popcorn from our Barky Box by Billy + Margot! It’s been really fun to enjoy popcorn together with Amelia. My personal favourite is Propercorn!

eva and amelia's world

Popcorn for two !

Shower Time

Now I wasn’t going to get naked for the blog haha! But Amelia & I do shower together and I wanted to capture that. I felt like a wet t shirt competition girl haha. Wet hijab competition ? New trend on the way ! We’ve recently found a new shampoo brand called Shoo that have a shampoo that’s marketed for both humans & dogs to use together! We of course love this concept!

I often get asked about not wearing make up & how I look after my skin. I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk a little more about that. I use some white setting powder by Laura Mercier to absorb oiliness on my nose instead of foundation! & I am a huge skincare fanatic. A staple favourite is the concentrate serum by La Mer it is really expensive but also really worth the money. It makes my skin look amazing. Loving the Beauty Shot range by Ren & Rodial Dragons Blood Range. Antipodes has amazing products I like to use for night time. I use facials every week, mostly by Wei & also some by Origins. For the last few months I’ve included Konjac sponges in my routine and they’ve really revolutionised my life! My favourite product is the thermal cleanser by Omorovicza !

eva and amelia's world

Amelia loves hot water!

Pet Parenting

We hope you’ve enjoyed “spending a day with us” ! It’s safe to say most of us in the UK are pet crazy. Dogs being particularly popular pets.  IAMS has conducted research in the UK about how to make your pet happy! They reached out to us with personalised findings for Amelia that put a huge smile on my face! I really enjoyed hearing about their research and wanted to share it with you.

In general, in the UK our four legged companions enjoy the following daily:
Breakfast at 7:43am and dinner at 6:28pm
64 minutes of exercise
A little treat
Over an hour of cuddles involving tummy tickles
A snooze in their owner’s bed!

IAMS concluded that Amelia receives: 
Up to one hour of exercise a day + 50 minutes of play
Divided by a 100% complete and balanced diet which supports Amelia at every lifestage
Times by four hours of affection
Balanced with veterinary support and care as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can experience excess weight, dental disease and issues with their digestion.

They have included all of this information into a happiness equation for pets! Having studied economics for so many years this of course got me all excited and reminiscing  writing papers on happiness economics.

[exercise and play, divided by diet, multiplied by affection, balanced with veterinary support and care, will give you a happy, healthy pet]

We hope you enjoyed spending the day with us & hearing a little about IAMS’s research into UK pet ownership!


Eva & Amelia ♥



  1. Welly-Bob
    May 20, 2017 / 7:24 pm

    Lovely to virtually spend the day with you and Amelia…. Please can we come and live with you…
    Lots of Licks…. Alison and Welly xx

  2. May 21, 2017 / 7:58 pm

    Such a lovely read, you two really are enjoying life together! xxx

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