Growlees – For The Most Fashionable Of Pets

red ruby rufus collar & leash and growlees dog tag modelled by ameliathecav

Brand new Ruby Rufus collection & Growlees Dog tag!

Growlees Dog Tags – Helping Dogs Speak

Supporting British companies is very important to us. London is full of amazing entrepreneurs bringing out incredible dog accessories! We are really excited to be working with Growlees. Their fun dog tags are designed in London & made in England! Amazing quality tags that have a real sense of humour about them. Inspired to help bring out each dogs unique personality, there is a tag for everyone! We wanted to show you three of our favorites!

I don’t walk – I vogue

The red tag colour really pops! Love it… so romantic, perfect colour for a present I think! “I don’t walk, I Vogue” – this collar is perfect for all of the fashionista puppies out there. Rocking the runway look everyday.

growlees dog tag

Perfect for all Fashionista pups !! (see the detail of our new ruby rufus collar!!!)

Growlees dog tag

I don’t walk. I Vogue.

Free Hugs

This is definitely Amelia’s personality to a T. Free hugs, free kisses. Lots and lots of licks & cuddles. Really love the white colour too! I think it’s actually our favourite colour for these tags! Clean & fresh!

ameliathecav cavalier in teddy maximus carrier wearing growlees dog tag

Our natural daily look. Pink Teddy Maximus with a Free Hugs tag!!!

teddy maximus collar with growlees dog tag

Made in England! Teddy Maximus Collar & Free Hugs tag

Growlees dog tag

Free Hugs!

The Snuggle is Real

Sometimes the struggle is real… other times the snuggling can get pretty real too. Personally absolutely love the light grey colour of this tag. It’s been a insider joke with my fiancé for a long time that “the struggle…. it’s real” haha. So this tag could be perfect for ME haha.

ameliathecav cavalier modelling herky the cavalier leash with growlees dog tag

Santorini Leash by Herky The Cavalier + Snuggle Is Real tag!

herky the cavalier leash with growlees dog tag

Herky The Cavalier leash with Growlees Tag

Growlees dog tag

The Snuggle Is Real

What tag describes your dogs personality best? Find out here!


Eva & Amelia ♥

PS. don’t feel like these are limited for use on dog collars. I’m using mine as a keyring too!

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