PitPat – Activity Monitor For Your Dog!

ameliathecav outside big ben tower wearing pitpat activity monitor

Out exploring with PitPat tracking every move!

Our Review of the PitPat Activity Monitor

It starts from day one.. the worry over if your dog is healthy. As a puppy you are worried they are doing too much for their soft bones. As they grow older you wonder how much is enough. What about if you are accidentally doing too much?

I met a friend for coffee and told her I was reviewing PitPat. The first thing she said to me was oh this could be fantastic for her. In her eyes PitPat could be the perfect way to monitor if her dog walker actually walks her dog during the day! It’s upsetting how often you see dog walkers simply sitting on a bench waiting for the time to pass.

The Product

Now I’m not a Fitbit enthusiast or anything but I do see the value in tracking what your pet is doing. The wonderful girls from PitPat tracked me down at Crufts to give us one of these to review. I must admit the little tracker looked like it came with a real collar at first! Popped the box open and this tiny little light weight thing came out. Super easy to misplace so velcro it straight onto your dogs collar! Amelia is modelling it in the top photo – it’s barely noticeable!

There is a few simple steps to set it up!

1. Download the App

2. Turn on your bluetooth

3. Click the orange paw

4. Add in your dogs details

5. Track !

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

Pitpat pet activity monitor

You program your dog’s details into the App!

pitpat activity monitor

Daily breakdowns of your pets activity

There will be a breakdown of each day & a summary of averages too. It’s interesting how it picks up when Amelia was playing vs When we were out walking/running. I was double checking with my watch and it’s really accurate. I was surprised Amelia only need’s 40 minutes of excise a day. Her eating like a horse and staying so thin is all making more sense to me now. Walking around London with me all day & playing in the park is a lot for her to be doing everyday. Thanks PitPat – I really feel like I know Amelia a little better now ! ♥

Want to get to know your dog better?

PitPat could help you too!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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