Country Living Magazine Fair with Teddy Maximus

Eva and Amelia at country living fairs uk

Country Living Spring Fair in London

Teddy Maximus Arranged Us To Receive A Special Instagram Dog Press Pass !

Country Living Magazine held a Spring Fair at Alexandra Palace in London this past weekend. The event was truly amazing from the grand entrance hall to many beautiful boutiques. I think my first words were “this is clearly a spending trap!” You would literally want to take it all home with you. If I’d had my way my home would now look like a double page spread from Country Living Magazine!

You may have seen by now that the handsome Winston (@Winnythecorgi) was the Country Living Fairs special guest! Teddy Maximus was the official dresser of Winston for this event! How cool is that! You can see Winston dressed in the Blue Liberty Print accessories from Teddy Maximus on their blog!

Teddy Maximus at the country living fair london

The Teddy Maximus stand was decorated with beautiful flowers

We spent the day at the Teddy Maximus stand with their founder Holly! Amelia was their guest of honour greeting everyone who stopped by! It was a special privilage to be there as dogs are not allowed in (except Winny and because of Holly – Amelia!!!). Amelia & I both had the most wonderful day with  Teddy Maximus ! Amelia felt right at home straight away and even climbed into one of the beds in the display unit!! She loves to snuggle on wool blankets and this shetland wool bed was definitely her favourite!

Ameliathecav sleeping in teddy maximus bed at country living magazine fair

Amelia’s favourite bed!

Ameliathecav at the teddy maximus stand in country living magazine fair london

Natural fit – Amelia was a part of the display !

We Are Proud To Be A Part Of TEAM TEDDY !

Being huge fans of this London based brand getting to spend the day as their live model was a true honour. It may be my economics background but supporting British companies is extremely important to me. Holly from Teddy Maximus feels the same way. All Teddy Maximus products are made in England. One of the most incredible things is that while their leather is sourced from Tuscany in Italy, each leather accessory is hand assembled in England by one man! (Yes just like Birkins!) Instead of opting for a cheaper materials Teddy Maximus uses solid brass made in England by one of the last foundries. Even the piping on the carrier bags comes from England! If this wasn’t enough Teddy Maximus also supports The Dogs Trust !

I personally admire Holly for all that she has achieved with Teddy Maximus! You can see how passionate she is about the brand from the detail she puts into each item. After spending the day together at the stand I am so delighted to be able to say Amelia has joined the official #TeamTeddy as an Ambassador! We share the same values & Amelia is undeniably a perfect fit with the brand – we couldn’t be more excited to represent this company! Starting with our very favourite product from the show (find out at the end!)

teddy maximus stand a the country living magazine fair

Teddy Maximus has been widely featured in lifestyle magazines including Vogue!

Teddy maximus collar

Beautiful attention to detail is what drew us into Teddy Maximus

The solid brass contrasts with the dark bridal leather & shetland wool

teddy maximus pink shetland wool collar

A personal favorite of mine is the pink shetland wool collection!

teddy maximus shetland wool collection

So incredibly beautiful!

teddy maximus pink shetland wool collection

Teddy Maximus has something for every pup! They have a beautiful shetland wool harness as well as a collar, neckerchief & bowtie!

teddy maximus signature print collection

Signature print collection inspired by Holly’s little dog Teddy!

Amelia’s Favourite – The Pet Carrier!

This is absolutely, most definitely our favourite product! Amelia comes with me everywhere in London and I usually take my big Sleepypod travel bag. While comfortable for Amelia it does make me look rather unstylish. When we arrived at the Teddy Maximus stand Amelia was happy to climb into one of these carriers! I was so happy she fit in comfortably! Once she was in she wouldn’t come out!

This carrier comes in so many wonderful colours I had the hardest time trying to choose which one would suit us best.

teddy maximus shetland wool carrier

Amelia was so happy in her carrier she didn’t want to come out of it!

teddy maximus shetland wool carriers

We love these little doggy models! And the bags of course!!!

teddy maximus signature print carrier

The signature print is made of sturdy all season fabric we loved !

teddy maximus liberty print collection

We adore the Teddy Maximus Liberty print range! We would have loved to have a carrier in this fabric but for our daily use I wanted something sturdy

Ameliathecav inside Teddy Maximus carrier

Amelia found her new favourite bag!

ameliathecav in teddy maximus pink pet carrier

While we very nearly went with the shetland wool – as soon as we saw Amelia in this pink signature print carrier it was clear that this one was for her <3

We can’t wait to show you around London in our new pet carrier on Instagram!



Eva & Amelia ♥



  1. Becky
    May 3, 2017 / 11:59 pm

    The bag is gorgeous! Well done on joining the team – Amelia certainly suits Teddy Maximus!

    Becky & Rufus

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