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Amelia has always accompanied me to various fashion, art & jewellery events around London! It’s never occurred to me to “blog about them” until now! As a customer companies sometimes invite you to little PR events! It’s super fun, some of the best experiences I’ve ever had have been at these events. This week we attended two, the first at Loro Piana on Sloane Street and the second at Delvaux on Bond Street.

Different companies have different styled events. One of the most memorable for me is a private dinner held at the Arts Club in London by Faberge a couple of years ago. More common are champagne receptions and the truly unique will leave you with personalised gifts to take home. This week we had two incredible experiences.

20 April 2017 – Loro Piana x Ryder Cup

Loro Piana is supplying the clothing for the 2018 European Ryder Cup players! Their Captain Thomas Bjorn was at the event as the guest of honour. All of us in the audience were captivated by his interview, including Amelia! I can’t even explain my excitement when the first thing Thomas Bjorn did after the applause was come over to say hello to Amelia!! Perhaps that was the beginning of how Amelia became the centre of everyones attention. Towards the end of the evening before leaving Thomas came to say goodbye & Amelia gave him lots of kisses!

What made Loro Piana’s event so memorable to me was having the award winning artist and famous fashion illustrator Clym Evernden there! He was providing sketches of the guests as take home keepsakes. Rather shyly I asked him if he could sketch Amelia! Clym was delighted & said he loved drawing animals. He took a snap & featured Amelia on his Instagram story too!

Some photographs below, unfortunately photographs taken with my phone wouldn’t upload… so instead I’ve attached a video below of two short clips. First half is of Amelia being drawn by Clym & the second half is of Amelia giving kisses to Thomas Bjorn!

clym evernden drawing Amelia at loro piana

Clym Evernden drawing Amelia 

clym evernden drawing Amelia at loro piana

Finishing touches

Clym Evernden Loro piana event Ryder cup

Take home keepsakes! Loro Piana Golf Balls & Clym Evernden drawing

21 April 2017 – Afternoon Tea at Delvaux

We were invited to a delightful afternoon tea with Delvaux to celebrate the launch of their new handbag collection. The pastries were divine & lovely espresso too! We had such a fun time and absolutely adored meeting their special guest Valentine Decort! She drew a beautiful, beautiful drawing of me & Amelia. So full of imagination yet captured us perfectly. She even guessed my handbag content correctly!

What appeared to be a seemingly ordinary lovely in store event with a talented artist ended up being the biggest surprise of them all! Their take home gift was a beautiful wallet! So generous, accompanied with a handwritten note and of course the beautiful drawing by Valentine. Getting to explore new leather goods while enjoying afternoon tea and leaving with such a special gift… ♥ don’t have any words really! A perfectly planned out event that will be sure to leave customers feeling appreciated.

Delvaux afternoon tea

Delicious pastries

Eva and Amelia drawn by Valentine Decort at delvaux

Drawing of Amelia & me by Valentine Decort

Eva and Amelia drawn by Valentine Decort at delvaux

“Thank you Valentine” <3

Delvaux afternoon tea on bond street gift

In all my years attending these types of events I have never had a gift like this before. I genuinely couldn’t believe it. Beautiful wallet… Thank you Delvaux.

There is no place more dog friendly than luxury stores! We hope you’ve enjoyed this little post about private events!


Eva & Amelia ♥



  1. April 22, 2017 / 6:49 pm

    This is so amazing aren’t you lucky ????

  2. Tania Grier
    April 22, 2017 / 8:20 pm

    Fantastic ???? What a little superstar x

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