Review: IAMS Naturally & Minis Range

IAMS Naturally food and minis snacks next to cavalier king charles spaniel

IAMS has a fantastic new range we didn’t know anything about! We met their PR team at Crufts who sent us a package to review!

When it comes to dog food I wanted to have a sampling of reviews here on the blog. I would love to think that there would be something for everyone on here. With trend setters only talking about expensive high end dog food it can leave many feeling priced out of the conversation. Nowadays it is fashionable to blacklist traditional supermarket dog food for not having as high quality ingredients as the new trendy foods with slogans like organic|fresh|raw|hand made|small batches etc.

Probably due to this market pressure IAMS have now also brought out a naturally range where the food is made in house, there is 23% protein & salmon is 14% of the ingredients. Plenty of Omega oils too – a huge improvement from their classic dog food range. There is a reason their dog food is called ‘complete dog food’ & much like the dry food sold at Vet’s the reason it’s recommended is because the food has all the vitamins/minerals etc added in that your dog needs.

IAMS also has a new fun grain free treats range called Minis! They are low in calories yet yummy! Another new take, they have mixed meats with vegetables for these new treats! They come in little bags you can reseal! Really handy to take with you.

First we will have a closer look at their new treats & then their food!

IAMS Dog snacks!

IAMS Minis dog snacks

Really fun treats ! Meat, Vegetables & Potatoes!

IAMS Minis dog snacks in front of cavalier king charles spaniel

Amelia was having a hard time looking at the camera!

IAMS Minis dog snacks eaten by cavalier king charles spaniel

Beef & Apple with Potatoe

IAMS Minis dog snacks eaten by cavalier king charles spaniel

Lamb & Cranberry with Potatoe

IAMS Minis dog snacks eaten by cavalier king charles spaniel

Chicken & Carrot with Potatoe

IAMS Naturally dog food range

IAMS Naturally with north atlantic salmon & rice

New packaging and small kibble size for small dogs!

Cavalier king charles spaniel eating IAMS naturally

The dry food really did smell like fish! It caught Amelia’s attention

Cavalier king charles spaniel eating Iams naturally

Amelia is used to very “fancy” dog food but hey this went down just as well!

I’ve keep hearing more and more stories of people being shamed on social media for their choice of dog food. I find this absolutely terrible, people love their dogs and are doing the best they can with the means that they have. I wanted to write this post to try and balance out the conversation.

You can find IAMS Naturally here & Minis here !


Eva & Amelia ♥


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  1. April 20, 2017 / 1:28 pm

    Such a great post and Amelia looks super cute as always. xxx

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