Pure Pet Food – a Totally Different Kind of Food !

pure pet food chicken dinner and meaty bites next to cavalier king charles spaniel

Amelia was asked to try out Pure Pet Food!

Pure Pet F00d Is Naturally Dehydrated Dog Food! Made in Britain!

Pure Pet Food was started in 2012 by two young entrepreneurs in England who even appeared on Dragons Den. In 2015 they were given the honour of being crowned the nations best start up by Lloyds Bank! The company is on a mission to provide dogs with the high quality diet they all deserve. You can read their story here.

How does it work?

A whole new way of feeding your dog! You’ll have a packet of dehydrated food, that you can portion out and then add water to. So a 2kg packet of dehydrated ingredients makes 8kg of food. Suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, even those on a raw food diet! Their food is 100% British, made in Yorkshire.

This probably all sounds a little complicated… definitely did to me. It wasn’t until we had made the first batch that I saw the logic in it all. I was a little hesitant as I’m used to feeding Amelia dry food. Also I wasn’t so keen on the idea of waiting around for her food to be ready. But If I put water on the dehydrated food before starting to make my morning coffee, it would be ready just when I would usually feed Amelia anyway. Also if you are very organised you can pre make a couple of days worth of food, pop in it in the fridge & have it ready to serve at meal time. Given the amazing quality of the food it’s definitely worth putting in the extra effort.

Pure Pet Food have really done an amazing job with the packing. You get a scoop with your box to measure out the ingredients based on your dogs weight & activity levels. You also get a clip to close the bag of dehydrated food. I was worried it would be a huge mess  but I didn’t even have 1 flake fall out onto the table. A huge bonus is having 8kg of food in a little box instead of a big bag thats hard to store!

All my concerns were misguided! We photographed the whole process! You’ll see how easy it truly is!

pure pet food

Super simple! Really clear instructions on the back. You can’t go wrong!

pure pet food review

You get a scoop & clip to reseal the bag with! No mess, no fuss!

pure pet food review close up phtograph

Measuring in the dry ingredients

close up photo of pure pet food

You can make out all the chicken bits, carrot slices, green bean bits, even the cabbage!

Time to add water & wait 15 minutes!

pure pet food review

When I added the water I felt a little bit worried until I mixed it!

pure pet food review

Now Amelia got super interested! Carefully supervising

Waiting 15 Minutes made Amelia look so sad we had to try their chicken snacks before breakfast!

Cavalier king charles spaniel reviewing pure pet food

” I really have to wait ? 🙁 “

Chicken & Coconut Meaty Bites!

pure dog food meaty sweeties chicken and coconut

These smell as good as they look! Lovely strong coconut smell

pure pet food chicken and coconut bites

They looked and smelt so good I was tempted to try them too!

cavalier king charles spaniel eating pure pet food meaty treats

Amelia ate twice as many as I had planned to give her.. I could barely get a photo she ate them so fast.

Pure Pet Food tasting time !!

pure pet food review

Starting to look ready!

pure pet food review

You can actually see all the ingredients! The green bean piece looks so fresh!

cavalier king charles spaniel eating pure pet food

DELICIOUS ! Amelia loved it!

We 100% Recommend Pure Pet Food! Amelia was such a fussy eater but now she is licking her bowl clean!

You can get -40% their starter packs with code AMELIA here!


Eva & Amelia ♥




  1. june whitcombe
    April 8, 2017 / 7:12 pm

    Hi l have a Jackapoo who suffers with a delicate stomach. He is now on raw diet as this seems to be the only food that works, do you think he would be ok with yours dont want to set him bk.

    • Amelia
      April 8, 2017 / 7:48 pm

      Hey! Amelia has a sensitive stomach too, I was really worried about how her stomach would react to this but her poop has been perfect everyday! She’s also the fussiest eater of all time but she’s now licking her bowl clean. I know that Pure is suitable for dogs on a raw food diet, and I think the whole concept behind it is that its fresh food made easy. Its fresh food thats just been dehydrated, by adding water you are just bringing it to life. Its made in a human grade facility in Yorkshire, you can eat it yourself too its regulated by both pet food standard & human food standard authorities. I really think its one of the best dog food companies out there, I couldn’t imagine him getting an upset tummy from Pure if a raw food diet is working for him. Let me know how it goes if you decide to give it a try! xxx

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