Teddy Maximus – Paint the Town Pink

cavalier king charles spaniel wearing Pink Liberty Print teddy maximus bowtie

Beautiful new pink Liberty print bowtie by Teddy Maximus

Teddy Maximus Spring Collection

When Holly (the talented founder of Teddy Maximus) came to personally deliver her beautiful pink spring collection pieces we instantly knew where to photograph them. For easter Peggy Porschen has put on a beautiful flower display. These beautiful flowers combined with their pink walls felt like a tailor made set for Teddy Maximus.

Teddy Maximus represents the best Britain has to offer! A talented London based entrepreneur creating beautiful pieces manufactured in the UK. From the leather to fine brass – all of her products promote British workmanship. Now having launched her Liberty Print collection one could wonder how much more British could a company be! Recognised as a classic sought after English fabric from the famous Liberty London. Soft silky fabric with fine floral print, a reminiscent of childhood clothing for many.

Cavalier king charles spaniel sitting outside peggy porschen wearing teddy maximus pink liberty collection bowtie and pink lead

Amelia looking beautiful in her all new pink accesories

The Collar & Bowtie

The beautiful vibrant Liberty print bowtie contrasts with the rose pink collar. Champagne coloured solid brass finishing from one of the last running UK based foundries. The edges are very light grey and the stitching is white, beautiful subtle colour combinations. The collar is very soft, I think Amelia really loves wearing it. The brass finishing is very unique, unlike anything else we’ve had. Definitely a dog collar to last a lifetime!

The beautiful bowtie can slip on and off, giving you the option of not using it all the time! You could also swap on another bowtie giving the same leather set a slightly different look! (Which is totally our plan!)

pink teddy maximus collar

Fine brass made in Britain, it can be polished or left to darken with age

teddy maximus pink liberty print bowtie

The bowtie can be slipped on & off easily

teddy maximus pink liberty print bowtie

Amelia truly looked her best wearing her pink Liberty print bowtie

The Beautiful Lead

We couldn’t stop photographing this lead. It really is beautiful. Teddy Maximus has a beautiful company logo stamped onto their leads in our favourite shade of brown leather. This combined with the very light almost dusty pink rose coloured lead is so so beautiful. What I really liked about this lead is how small the hook is, making it light for Amelia to walk with. Unfortunately we didn’t think to take a photograph so please do see their website here.

 A Treat for Amelia : Trip to the Biscuiteers in Notting Hill

After all her hard work modelling I thought Amelia deserved a treat! We had been told about this Biscuit Boutique & Cafe by one of our readers a few weeks ago. They make beautiful biscuits for every occasion! They even have a selection of hand made peanut butter biscuits for dogs! Another dog friendly location to make sure to visit while in London, the staff were warm and welcoming.

biscuiteers biscuit boutique and cafe in notting hill dog friendly

Beautiful boutique in Notting Hill

cavalier king charles spaniel outside biscuiteers in notting hill

A very tired Amelia patiently posing ♥

cavalier king charles spaniel wearing teddy maximus pink lead outside biscuiteers boutique

Everyone is ready for Easter!

cavalier king charles spaniel wearing pink teddy maximus lead outside biscuiteers boutique in notting hill

This lead is so beautiful we just couldn’t stop photographing it.

Special thank you to Holly (& Teddy) of Teddy Maximus for arranging us to be the first to recieve & model their beautiful pink spring collection.


Eva & Amelia ♥

biscuiteers peanut butter dog biscuits

Beautiful tin of handmade biscuits for Amelia

biscuiteers peanut butter dog biscuits

Peanut Butter Goodness



  1. Joy Rose & Lisa Annette
    April 2, 2017 / 12:04 am

    OMG, the Biscuit Boutique & Cafe we really wish we could come there with you and PLAY! What a treat! Love everything about this post.
    xo – Lisa Annette & Joy Rose

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