Amelia Loves EdgardCooper

cavalier king charles spaniel surrounded by edgardcooper dog food

Unfortunately we missed them at Crufts but that didn’t stop the team from seeking us out and for that we are grateful!

When EdgardCooper contacted us we couldn’t wait to try their food!

It’s only recently dawned on me how complicated dog food has become. There were a couple company statements on the packaging I wasn’t 100% sure about!

“Meat Meal Free”  I honestly didn’t understand what this meant – In summary there are no cheap fillers in their food. Meat meal is a common ingredient in dog food, which is basically organs cooked at high temperatures into powder they can be used to add content into dog food. In addition EdgardCooper food includes no animal carcass, wheat, soy, artificial colouring or flavours.

“Fresh Dog Food” was another statement I didn’t quite catch. Fresh dry food? what? EdgardCooper don’t use any meat that has previously been frozen, processed or dried! Actually fresh meat cooked slowly in small batches! I think of this as fresh vegetables vs frozen.

“Organic ingredients!” This wasn’t immediately clear until we visited their website so we wanted to highlight this!!

We also wanted to highlight that they are ethical company award winners! They’ve received a couple ethics awards as a company! Their cute packaging is made entirely of biodegradable & recyclable materials! Even our delivery came wrapped in paper & a cardboard box. Absolutely zero plastic!!

Such an overwhelming delivery!

cavalier king charles spaniel standing on top of edgardcooper dog food box

Delivery came in a cardboard box wrapped in string! No plastic

EdgardCooper dog food and tote bag

We were so excited to be given such a variety! WE love our new tote bag

Edgardcooper tinned dog food flavours

Notice the fun added ingredients? Blueberries, Cranberries, Tomatoes, Broccoli and Apples etc

EdgardCooper dog food

Smaller sizes! These are our favorites

cavalier king charles spaniel next to EdgardCooper dog food

Amelia’s tasting selection!

First up: Salmon & Trout Kibble with Spinach & Apple!

edgardcooper salmon and trout dog food

The bag was as big as Amelia!!

edgardcooper dog food kibble in front of cavalier king charles spaniel

The bag was really easy to open, you can also just open one side of it to keep it fresh if you like! A little like a carton of juice

edgardcooper dog food in front of cavalier king charles spaniel

See the cute side of the packet? That’s a picture of Edgard & Cooper the dogs who inspired this all!

edgardcooper dry dog food kibble

Delicious and fresh! Nice small size too, easy to chew for smaller dogs

edgardcooper dry dog food being eaten by cavalier king charles spaniel

Yummy, Amelia loved it!

Tinned Dog Food!

cavalier king charles spaniel with edgardcooper dog food

For the blog we wanted to try Game & Duck with Potato & cranberry! Grain free goodness!

cavalier king charles spaniel eating edgardcooper dog food

Love at first lick!

edgardcooper dog food in front of Amelia the cavalier king charles spaniel

You can see all the ingredients with your own eyes! I was amazed at the quality

cavalier king charles spaniel eating edgardcooper dog food

Amelia of course loved it !!

For little mouths

edgardcooper dog food being eaten by cavalier king charles spaniel

Amelia loved her beef pate! These packets are just the right size for Amelia

cavalier king charles spaniel eating edgardcooper dog food

Eyes say it all! YUM! Even in the smaller pates you could see all the ingredients!

After reading about EdgardCooper’s method I was quite sure Amelia would love their dry food! Which she of course did! But normally I’m a little hesitant feeding Amelia wet or “canned food”. This time I had no reservations! It smelt like food you’d eat yourself! I could see with my own eyes what was in it too! Amelia soon ate it all – giving it her paw of approval!

We are totally in love with the food, packaging & company!


Eva & Amelia ♥

cavalier king charles spaniel with edgardcooper dog food

The best present!



  1. March 30, 2017 / 12:04 am

    Absolutely ordering this. Such a stunning post

  2. March 31, 2017 / 10:47 pm

    Love the beautiful packaging, and the ingredients and flavours sound so good I’m starting to feel hungry! Beautiful photography too. xxx

  3. Joy Rose & Lisa Annette
    April 2, 2017 / 12:06 am

    The delivery sometimes says it all. Starts out every girl’s meal just right. Although we have never tried wet food, this looks like it was a winner!
    Your photos are beautiful and posts are always informative. – Thank you.
    Lisa Annette & Joy Rose

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