Amelia Celebrates with Purplebone: Review of Modern Classics

cavalier king charles spaniel with purplebone dog treats

Time for our third & final review of Purplebone treats!

We saved the best for last!

I’ll admit it.. I wouldn’t have in a million years bought the majority of these items for Amelia myself. For this I will be kicking myself for years to come. I’ve missed out… or well Amelia has missed out on years of amazing treats just because I didn’t give them a second look. I’ve always kept my eye on the “treats for little dogs” area and ignored the rest. From now on when I buy Amelia treats I won’t overlook the classics… as they are of course those for a reason!

I never knew small dogs could enjoy things like Marrow Bones. I never looked twice at the seemingly ordinary Tripe Bones. I’m still in slight shock over the Mini Shank – which turned out to be the most amazing treat. Purplebone have taken the ordinary run in the mill dog treats and turned them into modern icons.

So here is whats to come…

♥ Beef Liver Slices

♥ Venison Joint Care

♥ Venison Chew Sticks

♥ Mini Deer Shank (with fur!)

♥ Air Dried Venison Marrow Bones

♥ Tripe Bones (did you know this means cows stomach? I didn’t!)

I’ve said it before but I must say it again! Purplebone treats are:

All natural and made from locally sourced meat!

100% FREE from: grains, gluten, additives, preservatives, artificial colours & flavours !

Made in Europe → Shipped Worldwide

This is why we love them ♥

Marrow Bones

When these came in the post I thought to myself… how in this world is Amelia supposed to eat this. So when Amelia and I went on our little taste testing picnic I was shocked at how confident she was. I held three bones up for her and she picked which one she wanted. Initially giving it a good lick & then straight onto chewing! She was in her element enjoying this wonderful treat. Left me completely stunned. Purplebone have reinvented this classic idea by manufacturing it with air dried venison instead of the usual butchers choice – beef!

I don’t think I’ve ever imagined let alone seen a cavalier with this type of bone… Amelia is supposed to be a lady of leisure, but apparently she couldn’t be happier working for her supper.

cavalier king charles spaniel with purplebone marrow bones

Can you see her nails coming out? 😀 Cavalier’s wild side coming out!

cavalier king charles spaniel eating purplebone marrow bone

Giving her marrow bone a good lick!

cavalier king charles spaniel eating purplebone marrow bone

Finally! Chewing! She was so happy!

Mini Shank

The biggest shock of them all! It looked so harmless in the packaging…

cavalier king charles spaniel with purplebone mini shank!

I had no Idea what this was!

purplebone mini shank

AMAZING! This deer foot even had fur!

cavalier king charles spaniel eating purplebone mini shank

Amelia was fascinated!

I literally almost dropped it when I saw the fur! I’d never seen anything like it!! I thought to myself what in the world is this. Well it’s a Deer foot! Delicious one at that! Amelia was eager to find out what this fluffy treat was. I think her question to me was “how do I eat this?” She gave it a lick through carefully inspecting it and then just when I thought okay lets save it for another day, she refused to let me put it away!!

purplebone mini shank sniffed by cavalier king charles spaniel

Her eyes were so focused! She loved it !

Mini Tripe Bones

When I’d seen these at the shop I just thought they were darker ordinary bones. I really hadn’t given them a second look. If I had I would have seen that they aren’t bones at all. Name of course gave it away for those familiar with butchers terms but I didn’t know tripe meant cow’s stomach! Usually when you see cows stomach for sale it’s little flat pieces. Purplebone have pressed this amazing healthy chew into the shape of a bone!

cavalier king charles spaniel eating purplebone tripe bone

The mini tripe bones come in a twin pack!

purplebone tripe bone next to cavalier king charles spaniel

When taking a closer look you can see the texture! Cow’s stomach!

cavalier king charles spaniel eating purplebone tripe bone

I literally couldn’t get one out of the packet fully as Amelia kept attacking them!

Large Tripe Bone

cavalier king charles spaniel eating purplebone tripe bone

The tripe bone comes in a medium & large size too! Amelia LOVED it!

Venison Chew Sticks

This I would have picked out myself! Amelia loves venison! Purplebone have done such an amazing job curating their treats collection, it’s amazing to find such an extensive collection of venison treats.

cavalier king charles spaniel eating purplebone venison chew

Simply Delicious

 Liver Slices & Joint Care

We were familiar with these treats! Amelia’s absolute favourites. We’ve tried liver slices from other companies but none are as fresh as Purplebone’s own brand ones. The venison joint care pieces are so good Amelia was having a really hard time leaving them alone while I took the photos!

purplebone liver slices and purplebone joint care treats next to cavalier king charles spaniel

Amelia loves these!

pink espresso cups filled with purplebone treats

Amelia’s version of espresso!

Don’t forget that now there are 3 Easy Steps to get up to 25% off treats!

1. Customise which treats you’d like or sign up for a surprise selection!

2. Pick how often you’d like them delivered

[every week, two weeks or per month]

3. Add to cart!

Those of you who have followed us on Instagram for a while would know we’ve loved Purplebone for years. When we were asked to review all of their treats we couldn’t have been more excited. I’ve really seen a different side to Amelia trying out these new treats. We’ve had the best time together taste testing!

Amelia’s wish list is Batons weekly, Liver Slices every two weeks and Tripe & Marrow Bones monthly!

What will you choose?


Eva & Amelia ♥



  1. April 6, 2017 / 7:28 pm

    I can’t help but laugh at the hairy leg! Such a lovely set of posts for Purplebone – You can tell a lot of work went into them!
    Emma & Alfie xox

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