Dog Tea for Amelia

woof & brew dog tea next to mungo and maud love heart cookies

Tea date for me and Amelia

Dog Tea for Amelia & Fresh Ginger Tea for me

Dog tea as a concept has really been trending. I saw some for sale in a little pet shop in Richmond  by Woof & Brew and decided Amelia & I should give it a go! I got out some cute heart shaped biscuits we were given by the wonderful store manager at Mungo & Maud for Amelia. I also decided to treat myself to some fresh ginger tea with cinnamon honey!

woof & brew dog tea bag up close

Woof & Brew dog tea bags looked just as good as Tea Pigs bags do!

dog tea review

Our tea date looked picture perfect | mugs by T2

Tea is ready!

Well… my tea date with Amelia didn’t quite go as I had planned. I will let the photos do all the talking haha! Basically Amelia absolutely hated it. Refused to drink it, didn’t even want to smell it. She looked at me with this face like I was absolutely bonkers.

dog tea review

“I’ll have the cookies mom but I don’t want any tea”

dog tea review

“Are you really expecting me to drink that??”

dog tea review

FINE! I’ll taste it but I better get a cookie after!!

mungo and maud fruit smoothie dog treat

Cookie time to make the bad taste go away!

A heart shaped smoothie flavoured cookie to make it all better. Amelia’s little face when she licked some tea off my finger was so adorable. I really felt like I was giving my child some horrible liquid medicine and had to quickly find a treat to take away the taste in her mouth.

I don’t want this to reflect badly on Woof & Brew – we’ve sent our remaining tea to a fellow dog owner who’s little dog LOVES tea.

Amelia is definitely more of a puppachino girl! This herbal tea business isn’t for her. She must get it from me, as I’m a latte lover too.


Eva & Amelia ♥

Remember never ever give your dog hot tea ! You have to let it cool down first.



  1. Joy Rose & Lisa Annette
    March 23, 2017 / 6:50 pm

    lol, “She looked at me with this face like I was absolutely bonkers.” – To cute! I know those looks.

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