Crufts 2017

Crufts 2017 NEC Birmingham sign with dog standing on the letter E

Small Dog – Big Event

Arriving at Crufts

It was our very first time at Crufts! We were lucky to be given a special dog & handler pass as bloggers to Crufts so that Amelia could join me! Regularly no dogs are allowed to accompany pedestrians who come to watch the shows. As we were coming up from London we decided to stay one night in Birmingham in order to attend Thursday & Friday (day 1 & 2 of Crufts)! Most of you would have seen the show highlights & such so we will tell you about the shops & offers at Crufts! We will also share some cute photos we took with fellow Instagrammers who we finally met in person!

Instagram Friends!

To us at least the best part of Crufts was getting to meet some of our Instagram friends in person!

@Winnythecorgi | @Alfiebear | @Spaniellife | @Fachshund | @pawsacrossbritain

Check our Instagram story to see Amelia’s sniff & greet with @Lucytherescuecavalier

Because we left early there were many more friends we wish we could have seen but for just two days we felt over the moon to have met so many of our fellow blogger friends!

Winston the corgi and Amelia the cavalier king charles spaniel sitting together

Winston & Amelia

crufts dog show blogger dogs together

Sev, Amelia, Severus, Alfie & Lily

two dogs meeting at Crufts

Amelia & Elsa

two cavalier king charles spaniels together at crufts

Cavalier Friends!

Shops, Shops & More Shops

Our Favourite stands

lilyskitchen stand at Crufts

Hello! Did you say sausages?

Out of all the stands Lily’s Kitchen had made theirs look the most appealing. We came super early on the second day to take photos as throughout the day their stand was super busy. They also host a Yappy Hour each day where they give out samples of their new canned food!

IAMS stand sketch artist at crafts

IAMS portrait!

Little bit of fun! We were invited to sit for an electronic sketch of Amelia at the IAMS stand! A picture of it is at the end of this post!  Turned out incredibly cute !!

Carnilove reindeer dog food bag next to cavalier king charles spaniel at crafts

Our favourite find: Reindeer dog food!

My mother is from Finland and they have reindeer meat over there! So seeing this huge bag of food with Reindeer on it caught my attention! Amelia finished the whole sample bag in one go! We really LOVED Carnilove and will definitely look into their food further.

Beco stand at crufts with sales person holding cavalier king charles spaniel

Instant friends at Beco!

We felt instantly at home at Beco Pets ! They have just launched a new food selection that was exciting to hear about! We loved having a play with their toys & the team welcomed Amelia as if she was one of their own!

cavalier king charles spaniel playing with chuck it ball at crafts

Chuck it !

If you asked Amelia I think she would tell you that she had the most fun at the Chuck it stand! The wonderful team there gave her a free ball and to top it off even played fetch with her at the stand!

animology crash pads at crufts stand with cavalier king charles spaniel on top

Animology welcomed Amelia to take a much needed rest on their crash pads!

We loved visiting the Animology stand! The team working there were engaged & energetic. Really uplifted your day to have a chat with them. Huge variety of shampoo offers & even a new product launch! Amelia also found the perfect rest spot on their Crash Pads (perfectly named or what? 😀 ) !


chuck it balls animology shampoo fulminator products and pitpat dog activity monitor


We got a huge amount of free products at Crufts. I must admit there was a little extra attention as we were there as bloggers but there were huge amounts of freebie offers around for everyone visiting Crufts to get their hands on!

It made my day when two energetic girls came up to me having recognised Amelia from Instagram to give us a PitPat dog activity monitor to try out with Amelia! It will track her activity levels, calories burnt – everything! We will download the free app & check this product out in the coming weeks.

dog food and treat samples from crufts

Free food & treats pile to test!

Essentially all the dog food stands had free food bags available to give out to everyone. If you are wanting to test different dog foods and see what might suit your dog best… well there is nowhere better to do this than at Crufts! We also had a selection of Lily’s Kitchen dog treats given to us which is always exciting!

flyers from crufts

Discount code madness

Even with your dog at home Crufts is a fantastic place to buy things! Each stand has special discount prices & exclusive offers for Crufts. We left with a huge pile of of discount code leaflets given to us by stands we visited. I didn’t buy anything for Amelia on the day because I had so much to carry, but these discounts will be available online to use for weeks to come!

We are so happy we got to attend together!

Crufts special dog and handler admission ticket

Our Crufts keepsakes


Eva & Amelia ♥









    • Amelia
      March 12, 2017 / 8:26 pm

      We were so happy we got to meet you too! Lily may have stolen my heart and taken it with her ! Sev was so adorable wanting cuddles all the time too! 🙂 x

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