Simba Met Nala Bowties

simba met nala bowties

Amelia’s beautiful bows

   Ever wondered where Amelia’s Bowties come from?

It was after the cavalier secret santa in 2015 that I first saw Mimi (@princessnalathefirst) was hand making bowties for Nala her Cavalier. I messaged her hopeful that she could make Amelia a pink bow & leash! I was so happy when she said yes. She took me on a virtual tour of a fabric shop in Germany & let me pick the fabric. I loved it so much when it arrived that for Amelia’s birthday I ordered two more sets!

I messaged Mimi to tell her she should have a shop for these bowties as they are incredible! She told me that a business was in the works! I was so happy to hear this. They are all hand made, so individual and the quality is better than any store bought bowtie.

Introducing Simba met Nala – Her company!

Every single time someone stops to say hello to Amelia or we meet another dog owner one thing is for sure. Everyone mentions how wonderful her bowtie is, and usually ask me where it came from! They are such a statement, since buying our first bowtie Amelia hasn’t worn anything else!

Amelia Modelling Simba met Nala bow ties

yellow simba met nala bowtie on cavalier king charles spaniel

Yellow bowtie from her boyfriend Ron ! (@ronthecav)

colourful simba met nala bowtie

I love this one! It’s like ice lollies !

custom made white pearl bowtie by simba met nala on cavalier king charles spaniel

Custom made bowtie with hand sewn on pearls made just for Amelia

cavalier king charles spaniel with white chin wearing red simba met nala bowtie

Red christmas bow we got as a present from Mimi & Nala this christmas!

simba met nala bowtie

One of our pre SmN bowties! Light beige pattern

simba met nala bowtie

Another pre SmN bowtie! Flower pattern

pink simba met nala bowtie on dog wearing pink purplebone jumper

Pretty in Pink!

We love our Simba met Nala bows

I hope the photos say it all. We love Simba met Nala and all the hand crafted bows that they make. We love supporting this little company & despite all the expensive dog stores in London nothing compares to the quality of the hand made Simba met Nala products.

Once we got our first bowtie we haven’t looked back. Please check out her website it’s beautiful!

simba met nala bowties

bowtie collection by Simba met Nala


Eva & Amelia ♥




  1. March 7, 2017 / 9:29 am

    I can’t wait for Paddington to be big enough to wear these. There absolutely stunning.
    I really love your writing. It’s dreamy

    • Amelia
      March 12, 2017 / 8:12 pm

      Paddington will look so Pawfect in a Simba met Nala bowtie !!!! <3 <3 <3 Thank you !!! This is so lovely to hear. I can't wait to see Paddington in Simba met Nala!

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