The most exciting day of the month is Purplebox delivery day!

When we read Purplebone was releasing a monthly subscription box last October we knew we had to be the first to get our paws on it! This morning our postman delivered our 5th Purplebox and we couldn’t wait to open it. Amelia recognises the box now when it arrives! If Barkbox was so named because it makes your dog bark, then the Purplebox could be known as jumpbox! Amelia hops around like a kangaroo in excitement when she sees it!

Before we dive in we want to make sure international readers can get just as excited as ones in the UK – Purplebox can be delivered to any country on planet earth!

Cavalier king charles spaniel next to purple box

We almost opened it and forgot to take a photo!

The attention to detail is parallel to none and it’s the reason we adore it. The box comes in purple packaging and when you open it you’ll find the superior quality ‘Purplebox’ box! Now it may not occur to you looking at the photo, but the box itself is such amazing quality you won’t be able to throw it out without feeling guilty! We’ve utilised ours as gift boxes when we send presents to our pawfriends and as very nice looking storage boxes as the sides are plain purple & white.

cavalier king charles spaniel smelling purplebone purplebox

Sniffing out the content!

cavalier king charles spaniel dog opens purplebone purplebox delivery

Each dog will find a handwritten sticker with their name on it! + a menu of whats included !

What will you find inside your Purplebox?

purplebone london purplebox

February goodies!

Each month so far there has been a re-occuring theme!

  • Poop bags! Each month you will receive Purplebone’s own brand waste bags that are lightly scented and have cute purple bones all over them. We love them!
  • Hygiene! Each month so far has included a pet care product such as paw balm, tooth wipes, stain remover cloths etc!
  • Treats! There have been two different treats each month! Purplebone’s own (amazing) brand baton style treats & jerky styled treats. However this February was the first month we got something a little different, there was a tasting bag of Devoted dog food instead of Purplebone batons.
  • Toys! Each month has included two toys! Usually there has been a two types of toys in each box. Rope + balls , soft & squeaky toy etc. But my little Amelia only likes balls, or ball shaped toys or ones that fit in her tiny mouth that she can fetch! Here is where our box will look a little different from the ready made box. We emailed Purplebone to tell them of our dilemma and this month Amelia has a little bear shaped ball just for her <3 instead of a rope toy featured in this months box. This amazing personal touch is what prompted us to write this review!!
  • A lifestyle gift! A surprise present for the amazing owner of the lucky pup receiving the box! This month we got award winning Pump Street Bakery chocolate made in Suffolk, UK. Last month it was coffee beans and for the November box it was a pack of amazing dog themed christmas cards.

Each box can be customised to the size & special requirements of your dog. Their subscription can also be cancelled at anytime and one off orders are available as well!

Special additions inside the February Purplebox!

We love you ‘beary’ much too Purplebone <3

cavalier king charles spaniel dog next to devoted dog food

taste testing Devoted duck & trout dog food!

A perfect morning

Amelia has been busy tasting her new treats and playing with her new toys. I will now get to relax with my morning coffee, a side of chocolate and catch up on instagram!

pink iittala mug on marimekko plate next to pump street bakery chocolate next to boodles bracelet and iPhone

Instagram time! Mug: iittala , plate: Marimekko, chocolate: from our purplebox! & bracelet: Boodles


In our opinion Purplebox is the highest quality & most personal subscription box on the market.

We hope you will try it out!


Eva & Amelia ♥



    • Ameliahi
      February 12, 2017 / 4:56 pm

      Its the best!!! I hope you’ll get one too xxx

    • Ameliahi
      February 15, 2017 / 11:07 pm

      Oh please get one! You won’t regret it ! It’s the best morning of the month for both me and Amelia. This month the chocolate was out of this world! Give it a go! xxx

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