Selfridges With Your Dog

ruby cavalier king charles spaniel in yellow selfridges shopping bag overlooking oxford street

Selfridges & Co will welcome you with your dog!

Enter with your dog through the iconic front doors on Oxford Street just like Mr Selfridge himself back in 1909. Harry Gordon Selfridge’s founding principle of Selfridges being a shop that caters for everyone is still alive today and now includes dogs too! You are expected to carry your dog or put him in a bag while you are in store. Unfortunately this means owners of large dogs will struggle.

cavalier king charles spaniel dog outside entrance to selfridges & co department store oxford street london

We found a wonderful smiling shop assistant and asked if we could borrow a large yellow Selfridges bag! Next we wanted to see how cute a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel could really look in a big yellow Selfridges & Co bag.

Well… pretty darn cute !!!

ruby cavalier king charles spaniel dog in big yellow selfridges & Co shopping bag

The photos only proved what I already held dear in my heart: Amelia is the cutest puppy of all time! (in my humble non bias opinion of course hehe!) We recently filled out a form for our modelling agent and had to list Amelia’s talents… her most impressive talent is how well she sits in shopping bags! An absolute angel, she will sit in a little bag for as long as you’d like her to.

cavalier king charles spaniel dog in yellow selfridges & co bag looking at the sky dreaming

Dreaming a little dream of yellow shopping bags full of goodies …

I must confess, up until a couple of years ago I hadn’t been to Selfridges. This all changed when my fiancé finally convinced me to join him! You can walk in with your take-away latte! Snack while you shop and enjoy fast wifi! Don’t worry you won’t knock anything over, there is plenty of space to enjoy your shopping experience.

If this wasn’t cool enough! There is actually a Starbucks inside Selfridges on the 4th floor! Incase you need a mid shopping trip caffeine boost!

Our favourite room is the one with all the sweets & little beauty brands. This is also where the AMAZING seasonal displays are – Valentines day being our favourite ! Followed closely by the brand new candle room, it’s so lovely be able to smell all the candles in one place without having to run brand to brand.

When I learned that not only could I shop with my latte at Selfridges & Co but I could bring Amelia too there was no going back!

We love Selfridges!

Selfridge and co limited sign oxford street london


We hope we will see you at Selfridges & Co !


Eva & Amelia ♥





    • Ameliahi
      February 8, 2017 / 12:42 pm

      Yes it’s lovely. I have seen big dogs walking there too – but I was asked to carry Amelia after about 1h in the store, so that must be their official policy. We did pop into Mungo & Maud on Elizabeth Street before heading to Selfridges and bought some goodies that will feature in next weeks post !! love, Eva & Amelia xx

    • Ameliahi
      February 9, 2017 / 1:52 am

      We really can’t wait too ! Spring can’t come fast enough ! xxx

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