Petersham Nurseries

Petersham nurseries

We love going to Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. Though of course we are not alone! You may have been there yourself already and if you haven’t chances are you’ve heard of it. One would describe it as a celebrity/tourist hot spot just outside central London.

Why do we love it?

ruby cavalier king charles spaniel in pink sweater visiting Petersham Nurseries Richmond

We of course adore going there because of how dog friendly they are! We could have been out for the muddiest walk of all time and still be welcomed at Petersham Nurseries for cake and tea. There is a Tea House we adore as well as a Cafe.

So why is it a celebrity hot spot?

Petersham Nurseries welcome sign

Well your guess is as good as ours. Three key words come to mind trying to describe Petersham Nurseries: antiques, plants & treasures! My mother is lucky enough to call the owner – a charming Italian – her friend! I’ve yet to meet them but I do admire their creativity. You will find an endless archive of lifestyle magazines who have written about Petersham Nurseries due to it’s unique charm.

plants for sale at petersham nurseries richmond

Tea time

white tea cup next to yellow flowers filled with english breakfast tea at petersham nurseries richmond

two dogs meet in petersham nurseries cavalier king charles in pink jumper by purplebone and samba met nail bow tie

Amelia is wearing her Simba met Nala bowtie & Purplebone knit jumper

While I was waiting for my delicious flourless chocolate dessert to arrive, Amelia had time to meet a new friend Millie! Because Petersham Nurseries is so dog friendly it’s the perfect place to make new ‘paw-friends’.

white 2mestyle iPhone cover next to chocolate cake and white tea cup at petersham nurseries

Sitting at Petersham Nurseries you can drift off into a day dream of times gone by admirering the plants and antiques that bring to life the coveted atmosphere they are known for.

inside petersham nurseries

pink magnolia flowers at petersham nurseries
Don’t forget the shop!
shop at petersham nurseries

You will find that every item (even the chair you are sitting on) is for sale. Inside their glass houses among collectors antiques you will find cute keepsakes to purchase from their store before heading off home!

We hope to run into you at Petersham Nurseries!

Eva & Amelia ♥



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      February 3, 2017 / 12:47 pm

      Nothing would make us happier than you living in London so we could team up on all our posts !!!!

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