Pet Pavilion

We love Pet Pavilion for one overwhelming reason: they stock everything !!Pet Pavilion store at Chelsea Farmers Market near Kings Road London

When you walk into their stores you’ll notice that not one inch of the place is unaccounted for. You will never feel like something is missing.

They stock little brands that make amazing products that you just can’t find anywhere else. Very fun toys like hermes boxes but soft and squeaky or peanut butter for dogs ! At the same time you can find all the big names you can get everywhere else too. They are a one stop shop!

They have their own brand Pet Pavilion that makes coats, beds and treats etc! Amelia likes their lamb chipolatas! Their grooming facilities are extensive and I know Amelia would love to try the doggie spa services!

A unique aspect to the store is how customer service is taken to another level. Perhaps if you live in London you may have seen a Pet Pavilion van around town, this car drops of custom orders that people have ordered simply by calling up a branch and saying what they would like! They can also post items for you if you don’t live within the drop off area.

You will find Pet Pavilion at Notting Hill, Chelsea Farmers Market, Gloucester Road and Wimbledon High Street making them easy to find here in London!

But don’t just take my word for it, here is Amelia’s opinion!

They love it when I come to the store! Everyone wants to say hello to me, give me as many treats as I can eat and then I’m free to sniff around and smell everything as much as I want!



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